Today we had an unexpected adventure with Edgar (We have lunch every Friday with Edgar and his wife Lillian. We love them). Anyways, Edgar is retired, but his profession previously was (and his passion still is) buying and selling STUFF. Furniture, odds and ends, you name it. Our bed was found by Edgar at an estate sale. Well today, the new American here, Josh mentioned that he needed a desk. I am not sure if he was actually talking to Edgar at the time, or if Edgar's internal furniture alarm went off from across the room, but before we knew it, Josh, Clay and I were all in the car with Monsieur Edgar heading across town to his warehouse.

It was a dream come true.

No pictures from inside, because I was too busy trying to keep my mouth from hanging open- it was like a personal Round Top experience. He even had a buffet/dining room table set he bought off an old castle. He said it could be ours for 5oo euros :) That would actually be an incredible deal if it wasn't that our entire apartment would fit in the buffet. Seriously, it was all just glorious. I love warehouses filled with treasures. They are one of my favorite things in Belgium.

When we got home, it was back to the gingerbread grind. First, the walls were glued.

Then, a break for dinner while the icing hardened. This picture is monumental, because it documents the first restaurant I have been to in Huy that put ice in our glasses. It was only 2 little cubes, but I felt like a queen.

Home again to put the roofs on. Voila! 6 mama and 5 baby houses, all ready for decorating fun.

Whew. Now, here's hoping that they can just stay standing until Friday!


Jana said...

Wow! I'm telling you, Baby, we could make a fortune if we could just figure out how to get those treasures to Tomball :)
I am so impressed with your gingerbread project!! I stand amazed!! love, mama

Kerrie said...

Nice gingerbread houses! Sometimes, if my "walls" are uneven and I can't quite get them to stay together until the icing hardens, I use a pin to hold them together. I stick it far enough in the gingerbread so that you can't really see it and then cover it with icing. Good luck! Maybe you'll start a huge gingerbread tradition in Huy!

Derek & Meredith said...

Mmmm... would love to have been with you to explore the warehouse! I love old furniture. I want to know the stories it could tell. Cool gingerbread houses! They are looking very nice.