Belgian Christmas

Christmas Eve is the big Christmas celebration time for Belgians. We were invited to Sam and Denise Liberek's house, and had a fun evening. We ate pumpkin soup, turkey, salad, and.... french fries. Belgium and their fries. You know what, we are starting to love fries as much as they do :)

Christmas evening we had the Americans over for dinner. We all pitched in to make enchiladas, margaritas, 7-layer dip, and peanut butter chocolate pie. Mmmm. Brent and Daisy had sent us some candy from America that we snacked on all night too.

The big moment in the night was the white elephant gift exchange. Amy and and Josh got hit pretty hard, though I think Amy was a little more bummed than Josh. Yes, that is an almost 2-ft tall plaster Captain Hook statue. Oh my goodness.

Here are the three of us that got off pretty easy. I think the bar for tacky gifts has been raised and we all better beware for next year.

We had a great time. Being away from home was hard at times, but made easier by being with friends.


Derek & Meredith said...

Merry Christmas Megan! I hope it's been a great one. Looks like you may have had a white christmas anyway!

Janis said...

I could go for fries being a Christmas tradition!!