Gingerbread Party!

After all the preparation, we finally got to decorate the gingerbread houses!! We were really excited to have some friends over, all of whom had no idea what a gingerbread house even was, much less why you would decorate one. They were all pretty curious.

You should have seen me at the grocery store the day before the party. The conveyer belt was piled so high, and it just kept coming and coming out of my basket. People were looking and pointing at my register, all pretty bewildered. It is pretty uncommon here to see someone buying so much at once. When you carry everything you buy, the purchases usually have to be pretty minimal. I was in all my American glory at that moment, and it felt awesome. I even explained to the lady in front of me (whose jaw had dropped at the sight of my approach) that all of this was for an American tradition of decorating little cookie houses. She smiled really big and explained to all the other onlookers what I was up to. It made me laugh.

Here I am preparing the supplies.

It didn't take long for everyone to get the hang of it. Clay made a gingerbread house slideshow to inspire everyone, and then we got to work!

As you can see, our house is pretty... American. That's what they all said, anyways :) It weighed a good 2 pounds more than anyone else's.

SUCH a fun night, and well worth all the prep.

Mental note for next year: Though it seems counter-intuitive, SWEEP before guests come. (I may or may not have seen someone cleaning up some candy he had dropped come up with a handful of dust-balls. Yeah. Awesome.)


Jana said...

as for the dust-balls, give yourself a break! you have been a little busy baking from scratch gingerbread in your teeny tiny oven/microwave! That is no small feat!
love, your mama :)

Anna Alexis said...

Oh my gosh! How fun! Yall's houses are so amazing! Well done! I wish I could have been there just to see your friends experience something like that for the first time! That is just beyond cute :)

Pat Chapman said...

What fun! Gingerbread houses have such a way of connecting people, bringing out amazing creativity (as definitely seen here!) and laughter. HUGE kudos to you 2 for doing it! Be on the lookout for a goodie....it's really coming!

Jamie H. said...

PLEASE post Clay's gingerbread slideshow. That made me laugh - I've got to see it.