Long story short.

So, Clint and Mel are continuing their journey in Paris, but we so enjoyed them here! We visited Luxembourg, which is just an awesome little country.

I think one of the best parts was putting up with Clint's antics. He really is a dork. I can say this because he is my brother.

Clay had me laughing as well. He really wanted one of the monks' grapes. He was not successful.

He did manage to snag an apple.

Clint and Melissa are beautiful.

Clay was very excited to see this sign.

I was excited to see that jasmine pants have crossed over to jeans. Oh how I love to laugh and these should give me ample opportunity.

I will never forget how Clint came to see me while I was studying in Guanajuato. It meant so much to me. This trip to see us in Europe has encouraged me so much. God has blessed me incredibly with this precious family.

P.S. We are in Spain now. I know, whirlwind, right? We are traveling with a few folks and working on a video project. Yesterday we walked to the store near our hotel and were greeted with our first real look at Spain. Not as glorious as the Travel Channel makes it seem, but Spain nevertheless :)

Clay found some mint chocolate chip ice cream last night and was very excited.

And of course, he has been hard at work EARNING that ice cream :)

Tonight we went to the church's normal Saturday night barbeque. We just got home and it's after 1 am! We had a good time talking Spanish (hooray! for languages that we can speak!) and even got in a few games of volleyball before dinner.

Our moonlit tent.

Buenas noches de Espana. And happy birthdays to Gma and Clint today! I love you both so much!

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Jana said...

Baby, there is no way those are jasmine jeans...really??
I think they just put the mannequins pants on backwards :) love you, have fun in Spain!