Buda or Pest?

Oh! We have had such fun this week! It is wonderful to be among old and new friends and to speak a little English too :) Keith is here, which is always a delight. We have so loved touching base with him over the years. He blesses us, encourages us, challenges us, and makes us LAUGH. Now that's a friend to keep around for 13 + years :)

Budapest has been fun. It is a big city, pretty modern in some areas, and yet pretty and historic in others. We have walked around quite a bit, getting to know the city and our new friends that we have met here.

The Belgian representatives were in charge of game night. We decided months ago to make it a kind of "schoolyard games" theme with kickballs and wiffleballs.

I think the best part was just playing around with the bats before the games started. Did you sword fight with plastic bats when you were a kid? Robbie and I choreographed sword-fights. It was amazing. (Random memory: the first time Quinn belly-laughed as a baby was watching Rob and I do one of our choreographed bat numbers. Cutest little red-headed dimpled baby EVER. I will stand by that.)

One big highlight of the week for me was getting my hair cut.

I have been putting off a trim for months and months because I am so afraid of asking for the wrong kind of haircut and getting stuck with something horrible. I can stumble around in French and I am definitely improving, but when it comes to a haircut.... I am not willing to take chances. The lady who cut my hair here spoke English and was perfect. I will always remember her :)

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Jana said...

sooo... your mama wants to see a picture of your haircut! <3