Home again, home again.

Our last night in Budapest was so great. The good-bye dinner was was like a wedding reception! We all came around the corner and immediately felt panic as we wondered if we were walking into the wrong party. There was even a string quartet!! It was very special and good to spend time with our friends who the next day flew back to their homes all over the world. What a blessing to have this time together.

A random cultural note that I think you may find interesting. ( Skip this part if you would rather not read about toilets.)

Ok, so in eastern Europe their toilets are different than the ones we are used to. The main difference is the fact that in this part of the world, the toilets have "shelves" in the bowl.

There is a dry shelf above the water line of the toilet. We did research online to figure out why exactly you would want this, and our results were varied. Check it out yourself. Anyways, all benefits aside, we think they are kind of gross. Just wanted to share this random fact with you.

Ok, no more toilet talk. Promise.

After a short flight, we arrived home to Belgium!

We stayed the night in Brussels, and enjoyed being amongst the Franco-phones again.

Today it was home to Huy. Wouldn't you know it, while we were away, the carnival came to town!! It is covering our entire side of the river! We went out today and walked the grounds, and it was pretty impressive. For the next week, there is a big fair and celebration leading up to August 15, which is Mary's Assumption day.

There are a lot of campers lining the Meuse, and one in particular caught my eye:

I have never seen a vertical pop-up camper. Whoa. Isn't that crazy? Have you guys seen one of these before??

Something else I found curious, was this:

Notice: it is a slide similar to this one we saw at the Houston Rodeo this past February:

Funny thing: The one in Houston was called "Euroslide" and the one in Europe is called "American Toboggan." Apparently no one wants to claim ownership of this slide, but they still want it at their carnivals. They are welcome to name it Megoslide if it would ease conflict.

Oh, and we have a visitor for the next few days!

Reed is here from Austin! (He is pictured here holding a bottle, and I want to assure you all that it is an empty one from dinner that he wanted to keep as a souvenir. Sidenote: there is not brown-bag law in Belgium, so if it WAS in fact a full bottle, there would have been no problem. Interesting, no? Anyways, just wanted to clarify :) So, Reed is here from Austin. He was able to visit a family living in Greece, and is now here with us hanging out and seeing what all goes into living and working in a different country. We are happy to have him here and happy to share what God has been showing us these last 5 months.

After being gone a week, it is SO good to be back in Huy. It is so precious you guys! And so nice a cool, too, after that Hungarian heat. We enjoyed walking around at sunset, feeling so thankful to be home.

Hello, Belgium. We missed you so.


Melissa said...

I have always said I wanted to write a book about the different toilets that you see around the world, because there are so many kinds and it is so funny! It is something that you think of as so standard, but everywhere you go they change it up :)

Kerrie said...

Okay, I have to ask - what is a "brown bag law?"

Unknown said...

That is a wild looking camper. I have not seen a hard shell pop-up like that. The thing looks huge - I wonder if it becomes a 2 story or maybe has lofts for sleeping. I bet is has alot of headroom. Did you ask them what kind of toilet they had in their camper?

zzmissbethzz said...

Megan, I looked up the toilet thing, GROSS! I love my american toilet and I think I would rather use a hole in the ground than one with a shelf. Thanks for sharing. I love you and miss you. I just want to come see you and your new haircut. I miss your laugh.

Shannon said...

The toilet comment mad me laugh so hard! Welcome to our part of Europe. It took Landon and I FOREVER (and we are still scratching our heads) to figure out why anyone would want their toilets like these. To us they are just a pain.