More Change...

Yesterday marked another turning point for us.  June 20 was my (Clay) last day on staff with Westlake Bible Church.  It was pretty strange to clean out my office and walk away for the last time, but it feels good.  I spent the last few days finishing up some video projects and putting as much information as I could into instructions to hand over to others.  It's funny - with a job like this, I have a job, a hobby, and a service in ministry all rolled up into one, so to walk away from it means big change!  However, that also means that I have enjoyed the heck out of these last two years.  This was such a great place to be as a newly married couple.  I'm realizing more and more that WBC's style of working hard but not micro-managing time and work style is pretty rare.  We couldn't have asked for a better staff to join of people who instantly became dear friends. 

It's so amazing to look a few years back.  Two and a half years ago the thought of living in Austin had never occurred to us.  Now we look around at all the incredible friends God has given us who will, I'm certain, stay friends for a lifetime.  We couldn't be more thankful for God's directing us here to a new place to start our ministry and life together.  It's pretty cool to follow the doors that God opens and to see what he does with it!

Quick support update: we're at 80%!  We only need about $900 more per month to reach the full %100 of our monthly support budget!  Please pray with us for God's provision of this and that we could hit 100% before September.  If you would like to be a part if the support team, or know someone who would, contact us or visit our web site for more informaiton.

This is a big weekend: yesterday was the last day at work, tonight a going-away party, tomorrow an official commissioning and send-off from the church.  The families are on there way in, so we're off to run a few errands.

Next week is pack and move week.  Pray for us that as our life goes into a slightly controlled spin, Megan and I stay connected to the Lord and to each other.  Sometimes that stuff breaks down when things get crazy.  Should be a good week though.  Lot's of chance to spend time with frineds, so it should be fun!

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