Well the weekend is over. I am so overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by the love I feel from our friends here in Austin. Overwhelmed that our time here is almost over. Overwhelmed by God's intense goodness to us during the past two years.

Last night was our going away party out at the lake, a huge thanks to the Jamails and the Scheibes for throwing it. Over 100 people came to share the evening with us. My favorite part of the night was when we all joined hands to pray for the meal. A HUGE circle formed, made up of some of our dearest friends here in Austin. The picture of those faces surrounding us will never be forgotten. It will stand in my heart as a testimony to God's faithfulness. Two years. Such a short time, and yet he has provided us with this ring of 100 people and countless others that have touched our lives in such deep ways. Wow. I am blown away.

Today was our official send-off from WBC, including a commissioning during the services this morning. Our families came in for the occasion- thanks for getting up on stage with us guys! Clay and I both shed some tears, but we were not the only ones, so it's ok. I actually saw Jamie Lamb wiping tears off her entire face and neck, so I that made me feel more comfortable crying on stage :) My favorite part of the morning was when Don asked our supporters out in the auditorium to stand up. So amazing. I scanned the room, looking at every face, so thankful for you, our faithful team, who has joined us as we begin this journey. How valuable you are to us!

Our families left that afternoon, taking with them my car and all of our winter clothes (we figured we wouldn't be needing our ski clothes any time soon). This means that move-out week has officially begun! I have been dreading this... I don't feel grown up enough to launch a full-scale move-out. What a big job.

We capped off the evening with our final LifeGroup meeting. I could feel my eyes wanting to cry all night, but they seemed to be dried out from the weepy day :) Thanks for a great night, ya'll. And for your support. You are a model LifeGroup and we couldn't feel more loved or blessed.

We had to run by the church for a few last minute things after LG. It was hard to walk out those doors, for is was not so long ago when we, college seniors, walked through those same doors, engagement ring on my finger, wondering if this was the place that God has prepared for us. I remember driving back to Aggieland that night feeling so overwhelmed by God's provision, and his CARE for us. Why does he bless us the way that he does? Why would he fit us into a church body so perfectly aligned with our desires and gifts? His love never ceases to dumbfound me. Into his hand I entrust the future. He has never done less than amaze me.

The bittersweetness of the moment was salved by hearing the VBS band practicing onstage for tomorrow. Indeed, is hard to not smile when you are walking out to Rob Moser singing "Jesus is my super hero" with full hand motions. You know what? Jesus IS my super hero :)

Goodnight, all. Love, Megan

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