It begins

Today marks the first ending point for our time here in Austin. It's the last day of SonShine School, where I have worked for the past 2 years as Administrative Asst. Whenever I get the knot of sadness and nostalgia in my stomach, I just keep repeating in my head,"This is an adventure, this is an adventure..." So far it has worked; we'll see if I can keep it up for a month. Yesterday, May 20th, marked one month left until Clay's last day at WBC. Sigh. God's plan is perfect. He laid the path for us to come to Austin, and will continuing leading the way to our next destination. As hard as it will be to leave, it would be far worse to stay and be stepping out of God's plan. Pray for us during this season of transition!


Anonymous said...

Megan, I will say again that there will be a big, big hole deep in the heart of Texas when you and Clay leave Austin and Texas will be a little smaller place after you guys head out! I am excited for your next new adventure and am so thankful that you all are stepping out in faith with the support of many but mainly the support of the LORD's for His greater plan and purpose. How I wish I had had your spirtual maturity and wisdom so early in life. Love you so much~"Raney"

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! I've been there - I know what it's like to be in the final days of serving in a place you love to step into something exciting but with uncertainties. I love you guys and I'm praying for you!