Cozy weekend

This was a great week!

We had a substitute teacher in school, and he was awesome! He had us talking almost the entire class. It was fun to really focus on speaking, and I was really encouraged.

Here he is totally catching me taking his picture :) He did a great job this week.

The drawings in our Czech language book are just so funny sometimes. I texted this picture to Clay near the end of class on Thursday.

Our regular teacher was out of town this week, but she sent us a post card! I don't know why this impressed me so much, but it was just the sweetest thing! And she even addressed it to the "Best Class of Students", and promised to bring us koločky (kolaches) from her mother when she returns :)

Another neat thing that happened this week was that my Czech friend Keri came over and did a baking class in Czech for 2 students in my class and me. It was so fun to learn some baking and practice Czech at the same time.

Keri, Sue, Hye Won, and me. We had a great time!

This weekend has been a really good one. Our weekdays are really busy, and to make it all fit we have to run by a pretty strict schedule. So to have 2 days with a looser schedule, and some free space for spontaneity, has been the most refreshing thing for me.

We just spent some fun time with the Keller boys this afternoon. They have been teaching Clay their favorite Wii game :)

And then a little hot chocolate to celebrate it being fall and a wonderful Sunday afternoon :) (Thanks for the care package with the marshmallows, Ellsworths!)

Off to do some homework and enjoy the rest of this weekend.

Thanks for checking in!

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