The exploration of our new city continues.

We took the metro out to Ikea one day to take stock of what they had and what we might like to have in our eventual apartment. 

Ikea is nuts. 

It's the magical place you most want to be and the place you most want to flail your arms at and run away from. All at the same time. They sell duvet covers, washing machines, and cinnamon rolls. Ikea takes time. And energy.

We used one of their baby strollers to haul all our winter gear around (we've got to figure out how Czechs handle the temperature change from outdoors to indoors) while we searched out housewares for our future home.

Clay thinks he might have found his chair. 

We ended up buying just one thing (which is deserving of an Ikea medal, I think, but then you'd be leaving with 2 things...), and it's something I've wanted since my farmer's market days in Belgium. A grocery pull-cart!!! I haven't seen many people my age with one, but I do not care!! Who wouldn't want to effortlessly pull their heavy load instead of carry it with their freezing, windchapped hands??


She is proving herself most handy at the grocery store.

At the laundry mat.

And trudging home from said laundry mat.

In our further wanderings, we found this gluten free shop! It's small and doesn't offer too many products, but they have tortilla chips and really good cookies. "Bez lepku" means gluten-free. 

On the opposite side of the block from the gfree store is a restaurant that is 100% gluten free! What?? Yes. It's true. 100% gluten free, from its pork schnitzel to its chocolate cheesecake. Further research required. We're on it.

Last night we had our first real introduction to Czech. Keri and her sister Marketa have been so helpful over the last few months as we made our transition to Prague. Keri had us over last night for tea and a little Czech lesson before our first day of Czech class (tomorrow!). She took us through the alphabet and all the sounds of the language. So cool. We are so thankful to have such friends.

Yes, Czech language school starts tomorrow! We are ready to dive in and begin the journey towards communicating well in this culture. It's exciting. And scary too. School. It's not my favorite. But back again we go! We'd love it if you'd pray for us as we begin learning Czech.

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