Gluten-free restaurant in Prague

Last night, to celebrate beginning Czech school today, we went out to dinner at a place I've been wanting to try a really really long time. It's a 100% gluten free restaurant that has been all over the Prague forums since it opened in April 2011.

What do I think of it? It has changed my view of living in Prague. It is so good that it makes this city even better and more beautiful to live in. With a restaurant like this, where I can get incredible gluten free meals any time- life just got really good, people.

It kind of makes me want to cry. It is a true gift from God. There wasn't even a gluten free restaurant in Tomball like this. And God provides it for me here. He truly goes before us and behind us and hems us in so incredibly.

So, the restaurant.

It's called Na Zlaté Křižovatce (The Golden Crossroads) near the Florenc metro station (for those that might visit Prague).

We split a chicken caesar salad appetizer and it was huge. And it had strips of bacon and crunchy toasted parmesan croutons. The waitress actually commented on how fast we ate it. And I said something brilliant like "I haven't had bread in weeks!" which is not even true- it's been a lot longer than that, AND that is a lame thing to say :) I was deliriously happy at that moment and beyond caring. I have never stuffed croutons in my mouth so quickly.

Clay had a pork loin with parmesan risotto and I had my first Czech pork schnitzel. It was just as good as I'd imagined. It is so exciting to finally be able to enjoy Czech cuisine!

We split a dessert (for research sake ;) and decided on the Czech cheesecake. Wowsers.

They even had a  shelf at the front selling some gfree pantry items. Even muesli cereal!!

I cannot tell you how happy we were to have found this place. It is at the top of the list of Trip Advisor's restaurant in Prague, so we are hoping that that will guarantee it sticks around awhile!

Just wanted to share this huge encouragement. It is truly such a gift.


Tonya Hundley said...

So happy that God had blessed you both in such amazing ways! Enjoy!

Jana said...

So happy for you! How far is it from where you are staying?

Kate Demps said...

SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!! I completely understand the utmost joy that comes from a gluten free restaurant. Especially on the other side of the world! So amazing! I have been known to ask clarifying questions like, "Are you sure I can order anything off this menu?!... are you sure?... As in, ANYTHING off this menu?... and it won't have gluten in it?... Really?!" I think part of our brain shuts down out of pure gluten-free joy! p.s. that Schar brand just showed up in my world... and I LOVE it!

Clay and Megan said...

Kate! Tell Billy to bring you here for his birthday!! You must eat at this restaurant!!!

Janis said...

I can only imagine how difficult having dietary restrictions must be. So very happy that God has blessed you with this place! I love traveling with you two!!

Katie said...

I am so happy for you guys! The Lord is providing as we knew He would!