Early this year there was a massive earthquake. Like a 9 or something like that. For people living on the coast an earthquake means a tidal wave is coming.

Especially if you live in a valley like this:

Can you see the ocean on the other side of those mountains?

Most of this valley was spared, but the ladies of the town have still slept up mountain in a little tent village ever since. They are so scared of being swept away by a tidal wave. I don't blame them.

Billy found a friend while we were there. Soon after one of the older women saw this cat walking by, picked up a rock, and hit it right on its back. It got out of the tent pretty quickly after that.

Sometimes video takes a back seat to more pressing adventures.

After meeting together the ladies pulled their resources and put together a snack of cake and cookies. They made us sit at the table and served us tea. It felt kind of awkward to be honored that way, but I know that to be able to serve us meant so much to them. They don't get to be hostesses often, you know? I spent the rest of the time holding back tears. Such precious precious people. I am so thankful to have spent time with them.

We drove several of the women back down the mountain afterwards. They live like ON THE BEACH. Fighting the cold wind and the tide. It's pretty brutal out there.

We've been some pretty cool places, my love and I.

And met some of the sweetest and most beautiful people.

How could one spend their 27th birthday better? It doesn't get much better than this.

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Jocelyn said...

i just LOOOOVE all of your pictures. just amazing the things you are getting to see in real life and the people you are meeting. just gorgeous.