The Dominican Republic

Whew. Well here we are in the Dominican Republic. The beautiful, tropical D.R. We have enjoyed the warmer climate after several cold weeks in South America. There are more bugs here, but I'll trade that for not having to sleep in sweat pants and socks. Score.

We did an interview on a family's porch yesterday and their dogs were the cutest. Have you ever seen a Cup O' Dog before? Just add water.

It is nice to have Billy here as an extra pair of hands. Here he is rocking the boom mic.

There is just so much vegetation here! We heard once that in the DR all you have to do is plant rocks in the ground and something will grow. It really is that lush.

Here's Ramon showing off some of his beans :)

And yes, we eaten a lot of them too. Seriously I could live off of Dominican rice and beans. They are an art.

Today we went out to this little village way up in the mountains. Way cool. They usually take their motorbike, but I am pretty glad we had to take the car. Lots of up-hill driving through mud and gravel. Oh and we forded a river (that sounds a little more dramatic that it was, but it was pretty cool). We had a lot of fun and got some great shots out there.

One family had the coolest property. Lots of fruit trees and flowers. Chickens running everywhere. It was all so neat and tidy too. Even the outhouse was beautiful- a raised, clean-swept wood plank flooring, lots of light, and a pretty curtain covering the door. If Anthro was into outhouses this would have been the one.

It was kind of hard to take a picture inside the outhouse, but the outdoor kitchen I can show you. Airy and light. Just precious.

And they had 2 week-old goat triplets.

I am in love.

We finished the day getting some final footage of Billy. This picture shows you the grief we put our on-camera people through.

I laugh out loud when I see him sprawled out that way. What a great sport.

Billy leaves tomorrow and we sure will miss him! We'll be sad to see him leave but happy he can return home to Kate and their soon-to-be-born baby boy. Woohoo!

Adios y gracias, Billy!

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