We are running a marathon tomorrow!!

I can't believe this day is here.

9 months.

600 miles.

100+ hours

We are running a marathon tomorrow!!!!!!!

We've been training since last December. Tomorrow it all comes together :)

P.S. Oh and do any of you recognize these people?

Babette has been our long-distance running coach these past 9 months, and she and Randy surprised us here in Budapest to cheer us on! Sweet friends!


Jana said...

NO WAY!!! Are you kidding me? The McQueen's are there?
I wonder if I would have come with them if I had known?
Run well, Baby Girl.

Clay and Megan said...

I know, Mama! I wish you were here! We have our bottles of "Jana" water waiting for us on the table to take tomorrow :) Clay came home from the store with it and it made me smile.

Jana said...

We are trying to find the live feed of the marathon. What is your starting time? Your numbers? -mama

Kerrie said...

Yay! Congratulations, you guys! I just saw the video Aunt Tracy and Uncle Phil sent of you guys crossing the finish line. Way to go!!

Jocelyn said...

ohhhh i hope it went well!! that is sooo awesome- what a cool thing to do together... so much hard work. and to have the McQueen's there to cheer you on... that's AWESOME!! made me smile!