I am kind of surprised myself at how busy life has become. I think summer tricked me. Slow-paced and back to back visitors has quickly transitioned into a full on sprint towards some point approximately 6 months from now when will step off a plane in Houston, Tx. That thought brings with it loads of different emotions.

Let's just talk about a few highlights from our recent past.

We had a virtual birthday tea party with our sweet girls last week. They attended the event decked out as princesses while their brother donned a fireman's costume. Precious.

This is a current advertisement in a lot of the train stations these days. The metric system nightmare strikes again. Do you think they intended this lady to be so tall? Silly feet and inches.

We made it to Sheffeild, England to spend some time getting to know The Crowded House, a network of really dynamic churches in the area. Ummm. Incredible.

We spent the weekend talking and talking and talking and trying to soak up what these people are about. Turns out they're about the gospel and community. Funny thing is we actually could SEE this. Ummm. Incredible.

Still reeling.

There's a little peek into Sandoz living. We're off again tomorrow to Budapest.

Like I said, sprinting to the end!

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