Continuing on our video spree, we have made our way to Barcelona. Ok, so Barcelona wins for being one of the most unexpected places I have ever been to. We didn't do any research before this trip as far as tourism goes, so we have been blown away by this Mediterranean city.

One random note that intrigued us is the fact that there are outdoor escalators. Interesting, no?

The highlight of our time here for me as far as the city itself has been the Park Guell. We stumbled across it and I haven't been so surprised or moved by something in I can't remember how long. It's basically this land overlooking the city that was developed in the early 1900s to be this utopian community where like minded people (pretty artsy, "thinker" types, I imagine... and rich too) could live in a neighborhood separate from the hustle and bustle of modern life, and chill inside their own little walled city.

Here's the view from the big common space of the community. Can you see the whimsical building to the right of center? And the mosaic in the foreground? I have never seen anything like this. It takes my breath away.

The thing that affected me the most, and I wish I had clearer pictures, were the mosaics on the ceiling of the area that was to be the market place of this community. They are just ridiculous. And huge. So crazy and out of control. The guy followed no rules when he designed this place. It is pure fantasy. And it is so beautiful. It kind of made my heart sing, to put it mushily.

In the end, this paradisaical society was doomed before it was even completed (only 3 of 60 lots sold), and thus was turned over to Barcelona to restore and open to the public. I feel sad for them that their dream had to die. What incredible creative minds these people had.

Seeing this kind of thing shows me another facet of God. He is mighty and strong, wrathful and powerful, forgiving and gracious, merciful and loving, the list goes on and on. The Park Guell slammed me with the fact that God is creative and wild. He colors outside the lines sometimes. He loves color and whimsy and fantasy (remember THIS for goodness sake??).

So breathe easy, Megan. Ah, freedom.

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Melissa said...

That's what I was trying to remember to tell you about...all the art by Gaudi. Isn't it awesome, I loved it. Did you see the church too? I could have spent all day just staring at those buildings. I'm kind of glad that I couldn't remember the name and that you guys found it on your own...it makes me happy that you loved it too :)