Western Day!

Today was Western Day at TBC. So great, guys. I have been looking forward to it for weeks (seriously)! Church family means so much to me and I love LOVE when we all get together to just hang out. All the kids in cowboys boots were pretty cute, too :) Clay was home feeling sickly, so I ran around with Q.

These cut outs never get old to me.

This was not Quinn's idea.

Cowboy Jack.

Ok, so I really love miniature donkeys. Especially ones names Ginger.

And the piece de resistance:

I will never forget this moment shared with Carlos. Never ever ever.

Yeehaw to all.


Jamie Hatcher said...

I love your face in the snake picture!!! Priceless. I miss you, Megster.

Anonymous said...

MEGAN HAS A SNAKE AROUND HER NECK! I actually gasped and slapped my hand to my mouth when I saw this picture! I cannot believe you