No visas, but meanwhile....

I had fun babysitting the Aldises last week. We painted nails:

Had an after-nap tea party with two of the cutest little loves:

And played in the dirt (not many things have changed since I was little and playing in the dirt with my brothers):

The big sisters got home:

And all five crashed to watch some TV (so precious to see them all laying around together- siblings are the best):

Neil came into town to have dinner with Clay and I on Friday night so we drove into Houston for Chuy's. I have never really appreciated Houston, and maybe it's the fact that we are leaving soon, but I am feeling rather nostalgic towards my home city. It really is wonderful.

Ok, and something really funny to me is that Clint and Mel came to town yesterday and brought Quinn's long awaited Christmas present: The Snuggie. It had been back-ordered, so they had Q close his eyes and stick out his arms... So funny. Doesn't he look like a wizard or something?

And in other news.... we have just been laying around lately. Just relaxing. I have gotten a little further along on my quilt. I've sewn the squares together and just need to find some fabric for the perimeter.

So, not much going on around here. I am focusing on trying to enjoy waiting :)

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Kate said...

The quilt looks great thus far! I can't wait to see it in your new place. :)