BBQ and Couche Couche

Greetings from Louisiana! We are here visiting Clay's family. We arrived in New Iberia Friday to Ed and Geri's house. Ed is Phil's brother, and it has been confirmed that grilling runs in the Sandoz family. The grill you see in the picture was Papaw Sandoz's. How neat that it is still feeding his family.

Breakfast was another culinary adventure. Couche couche and boudain. Couche couche is basically fried corn meal, and I have been hearing for years that Ed is the master of cooking it. You drizzle syrup and milk. I thought it tasted good, but the best part was sharing in the Sandoz tradition I had heard about for so long. The boudain was ... interesting. It may take some time before I can squirt meat into my mouth out of sausage casing- but I am up for trying :)
After breakfast I took a little nap with Tupie.
The gang: Ed, Geri, Tracy, and Phil
Neil in Ed's Smith and Weston's

More on our trip to Lafayette to come!

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Anonymous said...

We really enjoyed your visit this weekend!! Thanks for taking the time for us to be together as a family!! The pictures are great, although we could have done without the swimsuit pictures!! Whatever!! The couche couche picture could be a really awesome poster!!Great job!! Love you guys, Parin and Aunt Geri