In Honduras!!

Yesterday we arrived in Honduras for our 2-week stay at Rhonda's. We are so excited for this time to relax, recharge, prepare for the future.... and play with loads of cute kids! :)

Rhonda Jackson used to attend our church in Tomball and began Destino del Reino outside of Siguatepeque, Honduras. It is a children's home/school/church/anything else you can think of.

When we got to the airport yesterday, we had to wait for several hours for the bus. Not a problem, for we found something we been dreaming about since our last visit here: Del Frutal- the best pineapple drink you have ever experienced.

We joined up with a team visiting from West Acres Baptist in Georgia, and hopped on the Destino bus for the 2 hour trip to Siguatepeque. The folks in the group are great and we are looking forward spending time with them while they are here this week.

Here is Clay with Jacky, the most recent addition to the children's home.

We are SO glad to be able to spend this time with sweet Rhonda. We had a great talk with her over coffee this morning.

The kids have seen so many cameras in their lives Clay thought is was time to teach THEM how to shoot video.

This is Anna. She was abandoned in a field at birth and brought to Destino right after. God has some great things in store for this precious little one.

It doesn't take Clay long to make friends :)

We weren't expecting to have internet, so we are so happy to be able to update you all as we are here! Be checking back!

Enjoy your summer weeks and be seeking the Lord!

Love, Megan

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