Winter beginnings.

The kitties finally met! Šárka and baby brother Hobbes together at last :)

It was a very exciting moment for the Kellers and us :)

We chilled and the boys schooled Clay in 007 while the cats chased each other around. It was a fun night.

The days are getting shorter here, usually dark by 4:30pm or so. It feels strange and can kind of trip you up if you're not careful. Sometimes I find myself rushing to get dinner ready, only to realize that it's only 5pm.

I recently ordered a little advent calendar kit from Etsy to work on in the evenings. It just seemed right. It's kind of fun to hunker down and craft when it's so cold and dark outside.

Lots of homework and cooking are also going on in our home, often at the same time.

And the cooking/Czech classes continue on. Keri says we'll try Christmas cookies next.

School continues to go well. My class is just plain fun.

Last week was the magical day that Sue and I, by our powers combined, accidentally matched Eva's outfit. It kept us laughing all day.

On Friday, Maruška brought an advent wreath and lit the first candle. We sang a Christmas song and learned holiday vocabulary.

Our teachers are just so creative and fun, and are so good about teaching us culture along with language.

Google Translate is a pretty handy dictionary on my phone during class. And sometimes it just cracks me up.

I am used to not understanding a lot of the words used in class everyday. However, I am not used to not understanding the English definitions.

Who ever heard of 'tergiversation?'

I then had to spend time researching the definition of this English word, which made me laugh- it would be nice to have at least one language down.

In other important news, I got a new winter coat. And just in time.

It is cold COLD and getting colder.

Clay and I were talking yesterday about the fact that this time of year is a scary one.

It starts getting cold and you begin wearing all your big winter clothes. And feeling good about yourself because you are toasty warm inside all your layers.

And then you realize that it will get twice as cold before the winter is out.

Oh goodness.

They lit the big tree in Old Town Square last night so the season has officially started.

Here we go!

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