Here we are.

Life has just kind of taken off here and it's hard to believe we just arrived back a week ago. One of the best things about arriving home was the sweet banner some of the kids had made. It definitely made me cry. After a long week of goodbyes and a long day of travel, it felt really good to say some HELLOS!

We met the Kellers boys at the park one day and the beauty of the city was just breathtaking. Taking this picture made me smile thinking of all the other pictures all over the world that I've taken with these two standing just like this.
It is a new feeling for us to leave family, head to the other side of the world, and find family waiting for us there too. Coming back to our dear friends comforted our hearts and energized us. We are so thankful.
This next picture makes me laugh. It was right after a group of policemen had walked by (you can see them on the path behind us) and had almost caught us letting the kids play on a slide that was "out of order." That was a close one :)

One of the things that has struck me most being back is how the kids have changed and adjusted in the last 5 weeks. They are talking about Petrin Hill, and where the tram 5 stop is. They're going to pick up milk at the corner store and walking themselves to school. I am blown away. They have adapted so well already. Look at those 3 city boys walking down the street! This blesses my heart.

Hydrangeas also bless my heart :) I just planted a pretty pot for our balcony along with some jalapenos, cilantro, banana peppers, blue bonnets (!), and an aloe vera plant. Seeing all the little seedlings and the pretty blooms makes me feel settled and at home. And it makes me feel connected with those at home in Texas- my Mammaw, the hydrangea whisperer, my Gma, who always had aloe on her back patio, and Clay's dad who's green thumb always brings good peppers to the table from his garden.

The other night we called an impromptu Wii gathering, which turned into a time of appetizers, dessert, stories, youtube videos, laughing, and a little crying too.

My how blessed we are.


streams in the wasteland said...

What a blessing it is to have family away from family!! Excited for you guys to get back and settled :)

Clay and Megan said...

Me too!! :) I am loving your updates too!! Such awesome incredible things!!!