Back from Prague.

We spent one last morning running around Prague, doing last minute things that needed to be done. We even visited our storage unit on the way to the airport to check on things and to stow away a few things we had brought from  home. It was strange to see those things again, the stuff we packed away so long ago in March. It was like proof that Belgium happened. That living in Europe happened. And amazingly, that we actually have ingredients for a life on that continent. 

It fueled some excitement. Some expectation. 

We've been home a few days, and after dealing with jetlag (and a stomach virus for me, hooray) we feel energized and excited. 

Ready to celebrate the holidays with family and friends. Pumped to finally be home during this season having spent the last few years away.

Excited to enter this final stage of preparation. Sharing with others what we are about to embark on, raising that last bit of financial support (we're just over 90%!), enjoying time with precious friends and envisioning eachother towards lives spent for the Kingdom!

We are so thankful for this time. For our team we can't wait to be with in Prague, for the way God is strong when we are weak, and in that case, for our very WEAKNESS. Because goodness knows, we are weak! And oh how strong he is!

During our week in Prague God gave us a small glimpse of the wonders he is capable of. 

Sign me up.

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