We're moving to Prague!!

I haven't shared yet on the blog what our plans are for AFTER Belgium and I figured it was time :)

After some good time back in Texas seeing family and friends...

...we are moving to Prague, Czech Republic!

We're going with these 4 people and their combined crew of 7 kids!

We are so excited to be going with folks that have been our friends for a really really long time. What a blessing! And what a blast!

So what are we going to be up to in Prague?

After 2 years in Belgium and around the world, Clay and I can't say enough about what 2 years overseas can do to a person- what God does inside of you, and what incredible ministry you can share in with him. It's been life-changing for us.

We 3 families are moving to Prague to start a new hosting ground for more of these 2 year people, young adults interested in life and ministry overseas. We want to provide a place for them to plug into and also walk alongside them as he reveals whatever steps he may have next for them.

We are also excited about our own fit into life in Prague. The group is waiting until we get there to settle on what our official roles will be, but it is looking like we are going to be involved in the language acquisition realm. Learning Czech, obviously, but also in English teaching and tutoring, which we hope will develop into some sort of language cafe or bookshop/bookswap. We are excited about the possibilities!

Whatever we do, we want to do it as a community of Christ-followers loving eachother and striving together to know him more.

We couldn't be more excited :)

We are going to be sending out a paper mail-out soon reflecting on the past 2 years and sharing more about the future. Send me an email (megansandoz@gmail.com) with your address if you'd like to receive one!

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