It's that time of year again.

Guess what time of year it is again?

The time of year I do what I swore last year I would never do again.

Gingerbread time!

This year, I shall not be outwitted by dough. No more tears. I bought a HUGE mixing bowl and ditched the wooden spoon for a hand-mixer. My forearms are thanking me and I am thanking Clay who is currently cleaning the kitchen because he is wonderful.

5 batches of gingerbread dough never came together so easy.

Now, to the fridge with you! We meet again tomorrow.

It's interesting going through the exact same process that I went through one year ago with this gingerbread. I think the whole experience is telling and something for me to learn from. This 2nd time around is no big deal. The stress level is turned way down. Making the dough was a cinch due to my notes from last year and the nearly 2 year-old comfort of my Belgian kitchen. My expectations for the party are super mellow, mainly because I am better friends now with everyone that will be there, my French is better, and most of the guests are all old pros now at decorating strange little cookie houses.

I want to remember all this when it's time to dive back into a sea of "firsts" again. That it just gets easier.

Oh, and you want to see something cute?

Check out Mazen in his winter suit.

I am in love.

Goodnight all!

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Muffy and Spencer said...

Oh! I kick myself for not being a reader all this time. This post got me digging around in the 2009 posts to see what you were talking about, and your experiences really got me giggling. Well done on the learning curve, and look how far you've come!