Recently we in Huy were able to host some of our friends who work in Africa. It was a blast. We got to spend a whole week learning from these men and hearing stories of some of their incredible experiences. Myriam, Erika, and I were on kitchen duty all week, and the last night we made Tex-Mex enchiladas complete with salsa and guacamole. Oh, was it good!

Just the other day Clay and I were reflecting on the past year we have been here and how global our work has been. That day, Clay had talked to some guys in Atlanta and in Costa Rica, worked on a project for some people in France, received some video footage from friends in Croatia, and put a completed DVD in the mail to Thailand. Whew. Incredible. It's surreal and bizarre. There have definitely been up and down moments over the last year, but oh my goodness, thank you Lord for what you have done in our lives! The people we have met and the places we have been! I can't even express how thankful we are to our God. And to our families who encourage us so strongly even amidst the pain of being apart. How blessed are we? Wow.

This past week we had a picnic with Ali, Nada, and their neighbors Zaira and Ali. We love summer! After such a long gray Belgian winter, you can bet that lunch in a bright green yard alongside a gurgling brook (yeah, like in a fairy tale) was like a dream. A warm fuzzy dream.

It was fun introducing Nagham to cupcakes :)

That night we also got to share one with Sofia (Blanca and Michael's sweet baby) at Sam and Nathalie's. She ate it Belgian-style: no hands, just a small quaint dessert spoon. Very proper, this 2 year-old :)

Oh and while we were there we got to check in on Kevin's bean plant. Sam and Nat were kind enough to plant it for me a while back :) While cleaning his apartment after he left I found this little name plaque:

Yesterday the ladies of the Huy church took to the trains and went to Brugges for the day.

There was a lot of laughing.

This picture is really funny to me. Remember that "One of these things is not like the other" Seseme Street song? We Americans are just so darn perky :) They love me anyways.

Cecile, Marie, and I on the little boat cruise we did through the canals.

It was a really special day to spend with these ladies that have welcomed me into their lives. We got off the train in Huy tired at the end of the day, but still laughing thinking back on our time together.

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