Meet Mazen :)

We finally got to visit Ali and Nada and meet their new little one. I have to tell you, it feels really good to actually be around when a loved one has a baby :)

We brought presents, including chocolate chip cookies (Nada's favorite), some Robeez I scored at a Huy second-hand shop (so he can have some hip American baby footwear), and some warm sleepers my mom had sent. Oh, we had fun!

I am in love.

I am thanking God today for precious friends and their precious little ones.


Jana said...

Welcome to the world, Mazen!
Oh Megan, he is adorable! What a head of hair!
I hope you hugged Nada's neck for me. Did she like the little clothes?

Jocelyn said...

ohhh, he is cuuute! and so much hair- i love it! and i love the name Mazen. so glad you are forming such meaningful and precious friendships... and to hold such a little bundle of cuteness and newness... ahhhh...