Our time in Chiang Mai is almost over. What a week!!

So, it's been fabulous!! One night the staff here put on an all-out Thanksgiving dinner for us! So precious as most of the people we are spending time with this week rarely get a true Western meal. Oh my goodness, it was good. What a blessing.

We also joined the group for some "tourist time." Last night we began with something we have heard about for 2 weeks: Fish Therapy.

You basically put your bare feet into tanks teaming with little fish that nibble and nibble until you are relaxed and impurity-free... that is IF you can make it the entire 20 minutes.

It felt really weird and kind of gross, but it was an experience, right? (right??)

Today we rode an elephant. Ha! We laughed a lot today.

We rode in an ox-cart, too. Add that to the growing list of random activities that have befallen us lately.

There was a little raft ride at the end of the tour. Clay only THOUGHT he would miss the cap he left in Belgium... we were well provided for :)

It's been a great week. We got some great video for several projects, and we met some incredible people that we already miss.


Janis said...

the fish nibbling your feet? ewwwwwww!!!!

Unknown said...

Hey guys,

Well you two REALLY look the tourist part here. Fish therapy, elephant ride, ox cart.. sounds like fun. When the weather warms up, I'll try sticking my feet in our fisth pond and see if it helps me relax.

Love to you both.


Jocelyn said...

wow... you did sooooo many amazing things!! good for you trying the fish therapy!!! what an experience!!