Well, it’s decided: Belgium it is!

We’re excited to nail down one more specific. When we’re not visiting some of UWM’s other teams, we’ll be working along side their team in Belgium. It seems like it’ll be a great fit on a lot of levels. We were able to do a conference call with Daniel, the team leader for the group in Huy (pronounced "wee"), and we’ve heard nothing but great things about him and his team. There will also be opportunities for Megan to use her Spanish skills. Who knew we’d go to Belgium and use Spanish? God is so good – to the point where it’s funny sometimes.

In other news, we’re writing this from the Dominican Republic. We’re on the family trip with WBC here in the DR working with MAKARiOS, an organization that promotes physical and spiritual growth through education and economic relief. We’ve been doing VBS for a few days in local villages and had to opportunity to bring physical aid as well as a clear presentation of the Gospel. It’s quite different than any place we’ve been before. Home life for these kids is pretty sad. When we drive up, the first thing they want is to be picked up. After 5 busy days, we’re going to the beach tomorrow. The beach is supposed to be pretty nice. Should be a good day to unwind and reflect on the week.

Sometimes it really is a small world. One of the MAKARiOS interns is best friends with one of the girls who’s about to join the Belgium team. Very cool. We also found out yesterday that one of the WBC families on this trip used to be in a small group at a church with a family that has been sent out with UWM. Before this couple went to India, they had a video made for their sending church to tell the story of God leading them to this point. That video has mobilized COUNTLESS people into the field with a number of organizations and was one of the key factors that prompted UWM to want to do this sort of project with us. Very small world indeed. (To see the video, go here and choose the top video.)

Thanks for prayers for the location decision. Now the work begins…


Anonymous said...

woohoo! Belgium! I am so excited for you two! God has BIG plans.
(Is it true Godiva chocolate is made in Belgium? :) love, mama

Diane @ A Watered Garden said...

Clay & Megan, I was delighted to receive your web & blog info from Jana this afternoon. What a great way to keep up with what the Lord is doing in your lives. Enjoy your time in the DR (my brother just got back from his annual trip there). I'll look forward to hearing more about your ministry in Blegium. Our prayers are with you! Blessings, Brad and Diane

Anonymous said...

Was glad to hear that the decision was made and sounds like everything is falling into place for the two of you.

God is good all the time, and all the time God is good...

Our prayers are always with you. Keep in touch!

Bub and Tonya
Mark 11:24

Anonymous said...

God is so good!! We've been praying for you guys, and so glad Jana sent me your sight. Even better to keep up with you and what God is doing in and through you. GOD BLESS YOU FOR FOLLOWING HIS LEAD!!!

The Bittles said...

Oooo, am I ever jealous! I can't believe you two beat Dan and I overseas - I guess we'll just have to come visit you till we take off on our own journey of the Lord's leading. It's so great to watch as God gives you the desire of your hearts!

PS - We should have known you two would be globe trotters when you met and later married in Mexico, then honeymooned in Canada. You crazy kids!